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Revd Rob Burles
01279 870214

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Who's who


Revd Rob Burles / The Rectory, Parsonage Road, Takeley, CM22 6QX

01279 870214 / [email protected]

Lay Minister

Hugh Mascetti  /  12 Chestnut Way, Takeley, CM22 6RW

01279 871606  /  [email protected]


Sue Humphries  /  4 Elm Close, Takeley, CM22 6SF

01279 871754  /  [email protected]

Churchwardens (elected by the congregations as their leaders)

All Saints:  Ken Wooding 01279 873401  /  Paul Burnett 01279 870578

Holy Trinity:  Lyn FitzGibbon 01371 872469  /  Andy Younie 01279 871305

Deanery Synod Representatives

(elected by the congregations to serve on the synod for the Dunmow and Stansted area)

Jill Baldwin  /  Paul Burnett

Other Church Council Members

All Saints:  Sue Gowlett /  Barry Halliwell (Secretary)  /  Julie Reed

Holy Trinity:  Tricia Barber  /  Sue Sadler  /  Bob Stevenson / Natalie Taylor (Treasurer)

Other Parish Officers

Safeguarding Representative:  Sam Baines, email: [email protected]

Electoral Roll Officer:  tba

Planned Giving Organiser:  Katherine White, email: [email protected]